Invoicing FAQ

If you have completed the online booking module, the issue of invoicing is normally handled there. However, if you encounter registration or billing difficulties, here are some answers to some of the questions you may have:

How come I still haven’t received the invoice for the exhibition?

It takes a few days to send the invoice. Don’t worry, you will still be welcomed at the exhibition. If you have such a problem, please contact

I have a question about invoicing, who should I contact?

Send an e-mail to with your question and contact details.

In terms of ticket prices, can we use articles 27?

If your audience is covered by the conditions of access to articles 27, of course.

HOW ARE Tickets and invoiceS senT?

You will receive the tickets as an attachment to the e-mail confirming your booking.  Your invoice is sent by post to the address you have provided. If you are a teacher, check that your invoice has arrived at the school.