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Learning at the exhibition

Mathematics Native Language - Geographical awareness Scientific awareness - Artistic awareness - Citizenship building

BELEXPO offers you an opportunity to rekindle the joy of learning!

Covering skills and disciplines taught in schools, you can select activities that use your pupils' results, as well as teaching sheets covering BELEXPO themes.

Some teaching sheets cover several subject areas: their structure allows you to work in an interdisciplinary way. Make your choices based on your goals, your programme and the needs of your pupils. All sheets are modular.


Data handling

Target skill: interpretation of graphs

Here are two graphs displaying your pupils' results.
Their solutions to urban pollution

 Have chosen the right action  Have not chosen the right action

Their choice of profession

The sheet offers you an alternative approach to analysing data.

Problem solving

Target skill: solving simple direct proportionality problems

  1. Invite your students to calculate the CO2 savings archieved by using the BELEXPO bicycles !
    Here are the data for the problem:
    - Total times spent on the bicycles: 0 minutes
    - Speed : average in the city centre: 10km/h
    - Average CO2 saving travelling by bike compared to travelling by car : 160g CO2 per km
  2.  BELEXPO's GOODFOOD recipes:  another opportunity to work on proportionality. The dishes waiting to be discovered at BELEXPO  are all made using recipes from the site
    From a recipe for 4 people, calculate the quantities needed for the class. Identify the proportions as fractions. Calculate the total cost of ingredients and then the cost per person. Divide the tasks and work together to prepare a tasty meal! Recipe ideas, lists of suppliers and shops at

Native language


Target skills : 

  • understanding the overall meaning.
  • extracting specific pieces of information.

Play a matching game : read a definition and assign a pictogram or label to it. After the game, conduct a survey in the stores your pupils visit to look for the meaning of the pictograms, labels and logos identified on packaging.

Dowload the label game resource here.


Target skill: developing content - searching for and inventing ideas and words.

Plan a creative exercise for your pupils :

  1. Invent an imaginary profession by combining words form two lists: one profession and one environmental issue.
  2. Describe it in a few sentences or with a drawing.
  3. Go even further: use the beginning of one word and the end of another. Example: A wastessor ("waste"+ professor") teaches families to reduce their waste. Thanks to the wastessor, we can say goodbye to rubbish bins.
  4. Share your creations. Send them by email  or via the BELEXPO Facebook page.
    Download the list or words for the exercise here.

Geographical awareness

Target skill: using points of reference and representaitons of space.


Organise a survey on how pupils travel to school and place the results on a map, as seen in  BELEXPO. Discuss observations and action plans with your class and identify alternative routes.

  • An example of a table used to collect the data (-- CV PDF link to come --)
  • sample map to process the information
  • BruGIS maps : The map website covers the whole of the Brussels-Capital Region.


Educational worksheets

Scientific awareness

Target skill: collecting information through experimentla research and observation

You will be given a bag of seeds, an invitaiton to grow something "for real"

  1. Give a few seeds to each group of pupils and suggesty that the vary the growing conditions: soil types, humidity, light.
  2. Ask them to keep a logbook of the sowing and growing process (written description - drawing - photos) and their hypotheses.
  3. Whick group will be able to grow the most beautiful plants?

Artistic awareness

As part of the "relaxation" unit, your students will discover works of art made by other schoolchildren. Why don't they have a go too?

In small groups, create works of art inspired by the environment and green spaces: observation notebooks, paintings, leaf prints, video clips, sculptures or photo reports: let yourself be inspired by nature to make beautiful pieces of art! Bij contacting BELEXPO beforehand, professional artists can be brought in to supervise your group.

Educational worksheets

  •   ( coming soon )

Citizenship building

Conduct a survey on alternative consumption patterns

Target skills :

  • embracing the plurality of cultures and beliefs
  • listening to others through discussion

Extend the "collaboration" unit game by launching a class and/or school project

Target skills :

  • building a shared vision
  • échanging points of view and developing your own
  • taking decisions together
  • taking of responsibilities and fostering leaderschip skills

Educational worksheets

Preconceived ideas to be deconstructed :