Sustainable consumption

​Clothes, food, electronic devices…Fashion and publicity drive us to buy almost anything, to change constantly and to throw away easily. Do-it-yourself, repair, sharing, faire trade…we still have a few options to consume differently.

1. Food waste 

Did you know that only 67 out of 100 potatoes end up on our plate ? What about the rest ? Learn what happens with the 33 others with out « potatoe » poster : click here to enlarge.


Looking for information on « good food » in Brussels? Visit   (FR and NL only).
More info in English through

2. Electronic overconsumption

What do you need to make a smartphone ?  Learn it with our poster: click here.


So a smartphone is a precious thing! Find tips to extend the lifespan of your device here:

Your smartphone is beyond repair and you want to recycle it?  Find out what to do on

3. Clothes : fair trade or not ?

What goes into the price of my T-shirt ? You’ll probably be shocked when you know !
See our T-shirt poster hereunder; click here to enlarge. 


 If you want to learn more about fair trade, you can visit