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Getting the most out of your visit

The visit report

You will receive access to a visit report by email! This is an opportunity for your students to rediscover their "results", to go back over the different themes, to take a more in-depth look at those that were more difficult to grasp at the time. The report also comes with all the exhibition content (panels, videos, etc.) along with educational sheets and other resources. Consult it quickly by clicking here.

A chance to speak

You can also start by giving everyone a chance to voice their opinion by asking four questions.

  • What did I like best?
  • What surprises or puzzles me?
  • What information do I take away with me about the city of tomorrow?
  • What actions do I want to take?

A summary of the city of tomorrow

After the visit, what images do your students take away with them of the city of tomorrow? Encourage the children to express their own thoughts, to discuss these thoughts in groups, then to reach a "forced consensus” in order to put together a collective summary. Find out more about the process here.

A letter to parents

It is worthwhile writing a letter to the parents explaining the benefits of a visit to BELEXPO. And, why not, make them want to go along themselves with the family. You can find a template here.