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The self-guided tour

BELEXPO is designed as a fun way for senior primary and junior secondary school children to learn about the environment. In the course of their exciting adventure, they will experience and feel, learn and be prompted to take action. This is because learning from an environmental perspective is motivating, it gives meaning to learning. This is because doing your bit for the environment develops a sense of citizenship. BELEXPO offers you a self-guided tour that ties in with school curricula.

As a teacher, here's how to get the most out of this tool.

teacher belexpo

Before the visit, BELEXPO offers you activities and ideas to engage your pupils.

During the visit, The children make their own way around the exhibition. However, exhibition staff are present at all times to oversee and give your pupils “a helping hand”. However, you will remain ultimately responsible for them and we would be grateful if you could make sure that they behave in the appropriate manner. The fact that their teacher is actively involved in the visit with them is also important to the pupils.

After the visit. The exhibition is designed to be a source of educational materials even after the visit is over. On the very evening of your visit, you will receive personal access to the visit summary, which covers various aspects: 

- the results of your pupils' activities, their successes, their mistakes and further explanations;

- all the content (for example all the information panels), in order to go back over them in class and find out more;

- learning activities in all disciplines, which exploit the results and content.

We also look forward to receiving your comments and photos,  via our Facebook page