BELEXPO, the interactive parcours on cities and climate

Take on the challenges and become a real climate hero!


May 20th, Bee Day!

Bee Day is a special day where we bring extra attention to the importance of bees and the wonderful work they do on this planet. Let's celebrate this moment together and show our appreciation for these vital creatures! Through cross-pollination, they ensure the reproduction of many plant species.

What impact does meat consumption have on our environment?

Meat production has a significant impact on our natural resources and on climate change. It leads to deforestation, overuse of soils and loss of biodiversity.

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To become a climate hero, it takes 1h30 to walk through the entire parcours of BELEXPO and experience this amazing adventure.

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neighbourhood and school projects have been created as part of our collaborative game

By pedalling. I've arrived in the city of the future.
Eric - 12 years old
A job related to the environnement ? I'd like that.
Sun, 13 years old
My students are motivated to continue the adventure in class. Thanks to the interactive visit, we were able to find our missions and a series of appropriate activities online.
Najat, 5th class primary teacher
I grew some lettuce . Now I'll do it at school.
Sébastien – 11 years old