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Thank you for visiting BELEXPO! This is where it all begins... It’s time to put into practice the commitments you made during your visit.

To help you, BELEXPO offers you access to several resources.

For groups and teachers:

An Educational activity sheet helps you to structure the highlights of your visit with your group.

For all visitors, families, groups and classes: 

You will be sent an e-mail after your visit. This will give you access to:

your visit report, which includes your group's results in the various challenges,

 all the contents of the exhibition (in FR and NL only),

 your souvenir photo,

and, above all, activity ideas to extend what you learned during your visit in different ways, whether as a citizen or as a teacher, via numerous educational activity sheets (in FR and NL only).

Keep an eye on your inbox (including spam) from the evening of your visit onwards!