Become a climate hero!

Come to BELEXPO and become a climate hero!
BELEXPO is an educational adventure, focusing on caring for the city and the climate. 
Young people are increasingly aware of the climate issue. 
BELEXPO is an excellent way to tackle this topic in a fun and proactive approach with young people aged 10 to 16. 

Your mission? To care for the city and the planet! 
Equipped with a digital wristband, your group will carry out tasks that improve quality of life in the city and reduce carbon emissions. By doing so, the young people experience concrete solutions.  

The route takes you through 10 themed districts: 

  1. Planet Alert!  Clim'Avatar explains the causes of global warming and presents challenges to be conquered along the way
  2. Living in the city: combat the many negative factors affecting the quality of life in the city (noise, air pollution, waste, etc.)
  3. Getting around: pedal your way from today's mobility to the city of tomorrow
  4. In search of nature: discover the purpose of urban green spaces
  5. Housing: find out how to make your home sustainable 
  6. Food: discover the impact food has and experiment with the production of your digital vegetables 
  7. Jobs:  discover original professions and put your talents to use for the transition of tomorrow
  8. Consumption: understand the impact of our habits on the climate and discover alternatives 
  9. Team work: start a school or neighbourhood project together 
  10. Dream about the new city: cast yourself into the future, and mobilise for a better life in the city.

A team of climate coaches will be on hand throughout your visit to answer your questions and advise you on how to make transitions in the future.

A visit report will be given based on the results collected via your bracelet. If you are a teacher, you can use the content for educational purposes. Sing up for the Brussels Environment educational offer and find activity sheets for the classroom and suggestions for actions at school.