An exhibition on climate and cities of tomorrow

Climate disruptions, pollution, traffic jams, lack of green space, waste... How will it still be possible to harmoniously coexist together in tomorrow’s cities?

With 750 m², BELEXPO invites young people, their teachers and their families to think about these questions in a fun and positive way.
It offers an interactive experience primarily oriented towards 10-16 year olds, but also to anyone interested in these issues in the cities of today and of tomorrow. 
The exhibition is designed to learn while having fun. 0Along the visit, you will experience, feel, learn and want to take action. The exhibition revolves around 10 districts or thematic blocks:

  1.  Seeing the city differently: dive into the city, thanks to the aerial map of Brussels, reproduced on the ground and combined with a set of mirrors: lighting of traffic routes, green spaces, urban vegetable gardens, sustainable buildings, etc.
  2.  Living in the city: combat the many negative factors affecting the quality of life in the city (noise, air pollution, dirt, etc.)
  3. Getting around: biking on a mobility route of today and tomorrow.
  4. Relaxing in green spaces: discovering the place and usefulness of nature in cities.
  5. Accommodation: tackling the challenges of managing the flow of resources for housing
  6. Food: discovering the impact of food and urban food production
  7. Working:  meeting and opting for emerging occupations linked to the environment
  8. Consuming: understanding the impact of our consumption habits on the climate and discovering alternatives
  9. Collaborating:  Implementing a school or neighbourhood project, together
  10. Dreaming the city:  project into the future, based on a film made by young people.


Text in French only.