FAQ (in practice)

Jeunes public du BELEXPO


BELEXPO has been designed more specifically for young people aged 10 to 14, but the contend it offers is also interesting for other age groups. 
It can be visited by schools or families.

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions:

Is there a way to adapt the visit to older students / YOUNG PEOPLE (16-17 years old)? If so, in what way?

The exhibition is initially intended for young people aged 10 to 14, but the older ones (and even adults) will have fun and also learn. Pedalling to the city of the future, discovering emerging professions, reflecting on your consumption, there is no shortage of topics.
In parallel with the missions using the connected wristband, several explanatory panels present the challenges of the environment. “Windows on the world” present several innovative projects elsewhere in the world. These panels provide more appropriate information for older age groups.
The organisers can also propose certain complementary activities along the way, or even lead a debate. Please do not hesitate to contact the BELEXPO team to prepare the visit, at info@belexpo.brussels.

Our school is located in the countryside, is the exhibition still relevant or is it only for children living in the city?

Everyone is concerned by the city, and the subject is part of the school curriculum. In addition, children in the countryside have the opportunity to discover a city and compare city and countryside. That’s a great project!
The exhibition thus deals with a multitude of subjects (food, housing, jobs, collaboration, consumption, etc.) that concern everyone.

My students are over 10 years old but still have some problems with reading. Is the exhibition still accessible?

If your students have reading difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the organisers via info@belexpo.brussels. With your help, they will adapt the visit: strengthen cooperation within your group, suggest missions that require less reading, specific support during a game where reading is essential. You can come and prepare your visit to see how appropriate it is: BELEXPO is always free for teachers. Finally, why not suggest to some parents that they accompany you?

My youngest daughter is in the 3rd year of primary school. Does this mean she’s not part of the target group?

Children in the 3rd year of primary school are still a little young. But you can come with your family and help your youngest daughter accomplish her missions!

What do you offer as an adapted guided tour for a group of adults?

The exhibition was designed mainly for children aged 10 to 14, but adults quickly get into the swing of things! Pedalling, cultivating, improving a home, talking to improve the life of a neighbourhood, discovering emerging professions... there’s plenty to do!
In parallel with the route linked to the connected wristband, you will discover explanations on the challenges of the urban environment, including climate change, as well as windows on the world that present solutions in innovative cities.
Please do not hesitate to contact the BELEXPO team to prepare the visit:  info@belexpo.brussels

Are these visits guided/organised by people from BELEXPO?

Yes, the BELEXPO organisers will welcome you and explain the missions and operation of the wristband. In the exhibition, they accompany you and can suggest how to discover content or lead a debate.  

I work in the municipal education department and we would like to visit the exhibition with several colleges. Can we visit Belexpo for free?

The exhibition is free for anyone working in the education and entertainment sector. Welcome!

What will the children learn?

This exhibition allows children to discover all that can be done to make life in the city more pleasant and to take care of the environment. More information on  the teachers page to find out more.

I would like to know if it is possible to come for a visit with an adult audience of people learning French?

Yes, BELEXPO has already hosted such groups and it was very successful. We advise you to book during a quieter period, for example in the afternoon or on weekends. Please do not hesitate to contact the organisers to arrange a visit : info@belexpo.brussels.