To go further

The uniqueness of BELEXPO isn’t limited to the exhibition’s concept but also translated through its integration within a so-called ‘educational continuum’. Because acquiring new knowledge in tandem with the environment gives meaning to what is being learnt. Because taking action for the environment fosters citizenship skills. For teachers and instructors, BELEXPO represents one of the most extensive educational platforms around.

Rolling out your own project

Following your visit, your class may want to take it to another level with concrete projects. The Environmental Education resources of Brussels Environment offer you a wide range of options.

You will find a number of turnkey projects which are already well established and with effective support.

If you wish to set up a specific project, we offer you a guide with concrete examples.

Specialists are also at your disposal:

The network Bubble

Bubble s a network created to promote and connect Brussels schools that carry out projects related to the environment at school. It has more than 1000 members (teachers, head teachers, educators, parents, etc.).

The Eco-schools label

Become an eco-school : a school that encourages a sense of belonging and environmental awareness through education.


The Brussels Environment website contains many resources to better understand the environment.

Educational tools on the main environmental themes

A documentation centre containing brochures, maps, etc.

 The drivers of change

To understand what prompts us to do our bit for the environment: learn more about drivers and processes for behaviour change