Low Impact Birthday Party

Have you decided to organize your child's birthday party at BELEXPO? Great idea!

A party at BELEXPO opens your guests’ eyes to all the possibilities for action for the climate and the city of tomorrow. For a consistent approach, we encourage you to organize a party with a low environmental impact. This requires putting a little more thought into the preparations. What a great challenge to take on! Here are a few tips!


  • Encourage guests to come by bike, public transport or shared car.


  • Use the BELEXPO invitation created for the occasion. You will find it here. Or take the plunge and create your own electronic invitation. There are free computer programs available on the Internet (e.g., Canva).
  • Send your invitation by e-mail or social media. You will avoid using a ton of paper that could end up as rubbish the next day.
  • If you do use paper, consider recycled paper.
  • Involve the guests in your “low-impact" and “zero-waste" approach by indicating your concern on the invitation.


  • Think about “zero-waste" gifts: an experience (cinema ticket, museum,…), a second-hand gift (book, video game...) or something home-made.
  • Encourage wooden games, DIY materials and local craftspeople or artisans. Avoid plastic toys.
  • Avoid gift wrapping or try to be creative by reusing paper (newspaper, magazine, menus, old comics, old road maps...). With a little imagination or using the internet, you can create a really cool package.
  • Discover furoshiki, a Japanese art which consists of wrapping the present in a nice piece of fabric, folded to adapt it to the object.

Cake and drinks

  • Choose a cake, fruit salad or home-made cookies made with local, seasonal and organic products.
  • If you are supplying confectionery, opt for bulk purchases and paper bags. Avoid industrial confectionery that is overwrapped and full of chemicals.
  • There are some very good local organic juices. You can also make your own juice, iced tea and syrup. Avoid fizzy drinks and plastic bottles.

What BELEXPO does for you

  • Reusable decoration
  • An eco-friendly invitation template with suggestions for green or zero-waste gifts and packaging, which you will find her (available soon)
  • A treasure hunt with low-impact treasure
  • Use of crockery (plates, glasses, cutlery, jugs) and the dishwasher
  • We only ask that you help with stacking
  • As much water as you want, free of charge
  • Availability of waste sorting bins

Sources and other ideas: (only in french)