FAQ Teachers


How many organisers would you suggest for the visit? Is one teacher and one parent enough for our group of 30? 

At least three BELEXPO hosts are present to welcome school groups. Therefore, for a group of 25 pupils aged 10 to 14, two escorts are sufficient per group of 30.

Where could we find a place to picnic?

On weekdays, you can hold your picnic in the adjacent Gare Maritime, a former goods station, which is completely covered and has recently been renovated. There are several chairs and benches which can be used by everybody. It is not possible to make reservations for these. Visit the website "extensa" and Visite the website "tour & taxis" for more information.

We are a group of 3 classes; if we arrive at the same time, what should we do?

To guarantee a quality reception for all our visitors, we ask registered groups to adhere to the time indicated on the reservation form. Groups of 15 accompanied by a host enter the exhibition every 6 minutes.  If you arrive with several classes, we will ask you  to take advantage of the surroundings of the building for a short activity to discover the city, its colours and its smells. 

I have more students registered than initially planned, do I have to give notice or change my reservation?

Not unless your group exceeds 30 children.

There is a problem with public transport and we may arrive late.  Who do we contact? 

 The BELEXPO organizers at 0485 20 25 00.

There is a transport strike announced for the day of our visit, what should we do?

This is a case of force majeure. Please let us know as soon as possible and we will move our visit to another date to be agreed upon.

Can we prepare for this visit in advance?

 It’s a very good thing: preparation in class = effective visit! Go to the ‘Preparing for your visit’ page.

How do I access the results of my visit?

You should have received a ‘connected exhibition’ email with a link and your login (If necessary, check your spams).
You can connect to the BELEXPO website with your email address and the password created at the reception desk at the start of the visit.

Can you recommend other excursions to do with the children in the area?  

There is a park behind the T&T site, where children can play and discover nature. Here is a map and some activities.
n November 2018, an obelisk dedicated to Human Rights was erected in this park. Find it and use it to raise awareness among your students.
On request, we can also offer you a discovery of the work of soil technicians: you will meet soil inspectors who work in the Brussels Region and who will introduce you to their trade in the field; your students will take a sample with the help of augers (soil drills).